Regina Olokor

  • 5 years ago

The first l walked into ASA COLLEGE Department of Continuing Education, l was not sure if l really wanted to take the CNA class but Ms. Gomez encouraged me to enroll for the class and she directed me to Workforce l at No. 9 Bond Street to take a test in order to qualify for scholarship. I simply followed her instructions. I passed the test and l received the ITG scholarship for CAN program. I also completed the Phlebotomy and EKG classes. I passed the NHA exam and became a Certified PCT in 2015. I am now a Licensed Practical Nurse.

The department of Continuing Education at ASA COLLEGE prepared me for Nursing School. I took the Nclex-PN exam in September 2017 and l passed it on the first attempt. I started working the same month. What surprised me the most was that l never thought that l could study nursing but the instructors and the manager of the department of Continuing Education encouraged us that we should proceed beyond CNA to PCT and ultimately a Nurse. I took the advice and today l am extremely grateful to the team of staff members at the department of Continuing Education.

My journey started from the scratch at ASA COLLEGE, now l am proceeding to the RN program.

Thanks to ASA COLLEGE. God bless you all.

Regina Olokor


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