Microsoft Office / Office Assistant

Microsoft Office / Office Assistant
Code: MOS(60)-BK
Campus: Brooklyn
Cost: $474
Hours: 60
Credits: None
This course introduces students to MS Office data base and provides a hands-on approach to data analysis and management.

Course Description

In this Microsoft Office training classes you will cover a broad range of topics that will enable you to utilize the skills to efficiently and effectively use the most popular application. In Microsoft Word training you will discover formatting options that can be used to create text styles, will find out how to create tables, insert headers band footers, proof and print documents, as well as insert graphics. You will learn how to design, develop, optimize, query, and edit a relational database with the help of Microsoft Access. In our Microsoft Excel training you will learn how to efficiently produce your own spreadsheet for data management and analysis. Microsoft PowerPoint training class will provide you with design guidelines for creating effective presentations.

Course Objectives

You have a chance to learn how to:
  • Create and update documents, newsletters, invitations with Microsoft Word 2013 Training
  • Manage and create databases with Microsoft Access 2013
  • Create presentations with PowerPoint 2013 Training
  • Create and modify tables
  • Sort and analyze data, create custom charts and graphs with Microsoft Excel 2013 Training
Get necessary skills to apply for the Microsoft Office Specialist certification.