Digital Photography

Digital Photography
Code: IDPhoto(40)-BK
Campus: Brooklyn
Cost: $599
Hours: 40
Credits: None
Students will participate in a collaborative group show, where each student will shoot, print and present his/her photographs in a group show that will be held in a NYC Art Gallery. All of the students will take part in each and every process of this experience.

Course Description

Whether you own a point-and-shoot or a more advanced DSLR, this class will give you a better grasp of the tool and the skills to create beautiful images. We will focus on studio photography as well as some more advanced techniques. The course will include hands-on demonstrations with the camera as well as basic digital image editing techniques. We will discuss the work of great photographers alongside your own photographs in order to better understand the fundamentals of composition to create compelling imagery. Expect to leave the class with a project you are proud of and a working knowledge of your camera.  

Course Objectives

  • To understand the nature and process of digital photography
  • To learn how to use both natural light and speed lights
  • To learn how to develop our photographs via Photoshop CS
  • To understand the style and techniques used by masters
  • To gain a greater understanding of the way art works—how it manipulates reality to make a thematic point (political, social, philosophical, sexual, aesthetic, etc.)
Our experienced faculty will share their own success with you! And will get you started with the necessary industry skills of this creative career.